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Dr. SrimoyeeGhosh

List of Publications:

Peer reviewed publications:

  1. Kawashima H., Sugito K., Yoshizawa S., Uekusa S., Furuya T.i, Ikeda T., Koshinaga T., Shinojima Y., Hasegawa R., Mishra R., Igarashi J., Kimura M., Wang X., Fujiwara K., Ghosh S. and Nagase H. (2011). DNA hypomethylation at the ZNF206-exon 5 CpG island associated with neuronal differentiation in mice and development of neuroblastoma in humans. International Journal of Oncology Oct 13. doi: 10.3892/ijo.2011.1234. [Epub ahead of print].
  2. Liang P., Song F., Ghosh S., Morien E., Qin M., Mahmood S., Fujiwara K., Igarashi J., Nagase H. and Held W. A. (2011).  Genome-wide survey reveals dynamic widespread tissue-specific changes in DNA methylation during development.  BMC Genomics 12:231.
  3. Ghosh S., Yates A.J., Frühwald M.C., Miecznikowski J.C., Plass C. and Smiraglia D. J. (2010). Tissue specific DNA methylation of CpG islands in normal human adult somatic tissues distinguishes neural from non-neural tissues. Epigenetics August 16.5:6, 1-12.
  4. Shinojima Y., Terui T., Hara H., Kimura M., Igarashi J., Wang X., Kawashima H., Kobayashi Y., Muroi S., Hayakawa S.,Esumi M., Fujiwara K., Ghosh S., Yamamoto T., Held W. and Nagase H. (2010). Identification and analysis of an early diagnostic marker for malignant melanoma: ZAR1 intra-genic differential methylation. J Dermatol Sci. August ; 59(2): 98–106.
  5. Song F., Mahmood S., Ghosh S., Liang P., Smiraglia D.J., Nagase H., and Held W. A. (2009). Tissue specific differentially methylated regions (TDMR): Changes in DNA methylation during development. Genomics. February ; 93(2): 130–139.
  6. Wang S. S., Smiraglia D. J., Wu Y-Z. , Ghosh. S., Rader J. S., Cho K. R., Plass C., Sherman M. E. (2008) Identification of novel methylation markers in cervical carcinoma using restriction landmark genomic scanning (RLGS). Cancer Research 68 (7): 2489-97.
  7. Igarashi J., Muroi S., Kawashima H., Wang X., S. Yui, Kitamura E., Oinuma T., Nemoto N., Song F., Ghosh S., Held W.A.  and Nagase H. (2008) Quantitative analysis of human tissue-specific differences in methylationBiochem Biophys Res Commun. November 28; 376(4): 658–664.
  8. Kitamura E., Igarashi J., Morohashi A., Hida N., Oinuma T., Nemoto N., Song F., Ghosh S., Held W.A., Yoshida-Noro C., and Nagase H.(2007) Analysis of tissue-specific differentially methylated regions (TDMs) in humans. Genomics, Vol.89, 326-337.
  9. Fayazi Z., Ghosh S., Marion S., Bao X., Shero M., and Kazemi-Esfarjani P. (2006) A Drosophila ortholog of the human MRJ modulates polyglutamine toxicity and aggregation Neurobilogy of Disease, Vol. 24: 226-244.
  10. Ghosh, S. and Feany, M.B. (2004) Comparative analysis of pathways controllingdegeneration in the eye and brain of Drosophila models of neurodegenerative diseases. Human Molecular Genetics, Vol. 13, No. 18 2011–2018.
  11. Mukhopadhyay, S., Chakrabarti, D., Ghosh, S. and Duttagupta, A. K. (1995) Transacting suppressors that affect the haplo X-chromatin packaging of the giant (gt) mutant of Drosophila melanogaster. Proc. Zool. Soc., Calcutta Vol. 47(2): 107 –12.

Review articles:

  1. Hiroki Nagase and Srimoyee Ghosh (2008).  Differential DNA methylation in mammalian somatic tissues. FEBS Journal Vol. 275 Issue 8 Page 1617-1623
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